The visit of professor Mathijs laberights, Dean of theoglogy and religious studies, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, to the Catholic Institute of Viet Nam
Sr. Hồng Sáng3/12/2017
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The visit of professor Mathijs laberights, dean of theoglogy and religious studies, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, belgium, to the Catholic Institute of Viet Nam

On Tuesday, Feburary 21, 2017, Professor Mathijs Laberights, Dean of Theoglogy and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium, visited the Catholic Institute of Viet Nam (CIVN). Welcoming Professor Laberights were Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, the Rector of CIVN; Faculty and Staff members of the CIVN: Father Louis Nguyen Anh Tuan, Father Vincent Nguyen Cao Dung, Father Paul Vu Chi Hy, Sister Valerie Patricia, Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Tuong Oanh, Sister Maria Trinh Thi Hong Sang and Sister Maria Hoang Thi Minh Tri.

Professor Laberights had a meeting with students of the Master of Theology Program of CIVN. The Dean hopes that in the future CIVN will become an International Theology Institute where theological studies will be shared with professors and students from around the world. The Professor encouraged the students to go deeper into their studies and improve their foreign language skills, especially English, so that they will be able not only to build up the School of Theology in Viet Nam but their students and graduates will also be able to share their expertise with students around the world such as French and English.

KU Leuven was established in 1425. Their Theology and Religious Studies Department is recognized as one of the oldest around the world. KU is providing the CIVN additional learning materials, especially theological works to assist the students in their research.

Sr. Hong Sang

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